Assessment and reporting system

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Who can join?

Joining the Green Destinations Assessment & Reporting system is easy and affordable. We consider countries, states, regions, cities, towns, or protected areas eligible as 'destination' to join if the following conditions are met:

  1. An administrative organisation, governance structure, or a destination management organisation (DMO or DMC) is responsible for tourism destination management and sustainability;
  2. A person in or liaised to this organisation is acting (or able to act) as sustainability coordinator
  3. A destination would usually not be smaller than 10 sq km, and not larger than 40,000 sq km.

Accommodations, single buildings, attractions and theme parks are considered not eligible. However eco-lodges, private reserves, integrated resort areas and the like may be eligible if they have a recognised and strong stewardship for a large area that is otherwise not managed.

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