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The Green Destinations standard allows for Award (for certain levels of compliance) or Certification (for complete compliance) of destination sustainability achievements, by one of our partner award and certification programmes:         

The QualityCoast and Green Destinations Award programmes follow an approach that includes the opportunity to obtain a Bronze, Silver or Gold award for near-excellent performance, and Certification for 100% compliance. These programmes provide the logos, flags, media coverage and other marketing opportunities to share your sustainability achievements with the outside world: consumers, tour operators, residents and the like.

Users of these Awards and Certification programmes are required to use this online Assessment & Reporting System. In this online platform, applicants can provide evidence for their compliance to each individual criterion. If sufficient evidence is provided by the destination, the desk auditor will confirm compliance. During this process, the percentage of all criteria within each of the six themes (including the optional criteria, but excluding the non-applicable criteria) will define the score. The six thematic scores will define the Green Destinations / QualityCoast Award level, and they will contribute to the Green Destinations Sustainability Ratings. These ratings will be shared with tour operators and OTAs that display them on their websites.

As soon as compliance is confirmed for all (applicable) mandatory criteria by the desk auditor, the applicant is considered certified. During the 24 months after this certification, the destination is visited by an independent 3rd party auditor, who will inspect local evidence and check local compliance. The destination will only be informed about the time of the on-site audit ca. one week in advance. This means that the destination should ensure continuous compliance with the standard.

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